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One Piece TCG

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The ONE PIECE Card Game is a game in which you build your own deck and battle an opponent.
Pick your favorite cards and characters, and devise your strategy!

You'll need to build a deck of cards to play the ONE PIECE Card Game.
If you're new to the game, we recommend the Starter Deck, which is a ready-to-play, pre-built deck.
When you're looking to win more battles, you can use Booster Packs to beef up your deck!


Leader Card
Your Leader is the most important card in your deck.
It can attack and use effects.
Your Life value is determined by your Leader, and it's written in the lower right corner of their card.

DON!! Cards
Use DON!! cards to pay the cost of playing a card, or attach them to a Leader or Character to increase their power.
You will automatically gain 2 DON!! cards each turn.
(Up to 10 DON!! cards. The first player only gains 1 card on their first turn.)

Character Cards
Play a Character card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost.
Character cards are the main actors in a battle: they have their own power and effects, and can attack Leaders and Characters.

Event Cards
Use and then trash an Event card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost.
Event cards have various effects, and some can be used during your opponent's Attack Step.

Stage Cards
Play a Stage card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost.
Stage cards can support your Leader and Characters with various effects.
Only one card can be placed on your field at a time.

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