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Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game

Welcome to Weiss Schwarz!

Weiss Schwarz is an entertaiment card game that brings to life the characters and famous scenes from 70 popular video games, anime and manga. 

Join in with players from all around the world! Collect your favorite cards from a wide range of choices, and use them in a one-onone battle with your friends! Whether you're looking to complete against friends or simply collecting cards, there's just no escaping all this fun!

Let's Weiss Schwarz!

This is “Weiẞ Schwarz”, a character trading card game for the next generation!
There are over 10,000 different Weiẞ Schwarz cards available and these are split into three types of cards — characters, events and climaxes. Relive climactic scenes from your favorite anime, manga, or video game titles once more on your stage!

Fill your decks with your favorite characters and let them shine on stage! Character cards are essential as they serve as the primary source of damage against opponents.

Rewrite your story and turn the tides of battle with these instant-play cards! Event cards pack useful effects such as character retrievals, healing effects, or even burn damage.

Relive climactic scenes and let the curtains fall on stage! Climax cards are a distinctive feature of Weiẞ Schwarz that help to increase your damage, gather resources, or even save you in a pinch.

Your very own Weiß Schwarz!
You can make your own decks out of your favorite titles!
Even though there are many different titles, the rules are the same for everyone! Enjoy the game with your favorite titles alone, or mix them up if you so choose. The world is your oyster!

Let’s Weiß Schwarz!
You can learn the basics of the game in just six minutes!
Start your adventure with a trial deck from your favorite title! Trial decks contain everything you need to start the game and can be upgraded with additional booster packs!

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